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Providing Bespoke Social Care Solutions

Providing Bespoke Social Care Solutions


Welcome to Dirextions, we are a Lancashire based specialist provider of support services to the health and social care sector.  We are focused on providing the highest quality bespoke support for individuals. 


Dirextions mission is to end delays in making positive changes for individuals across the health and social care sector and ensure the services that we provide are responsive, effective and driven by the voices and needs of the individuals that receive our support. 


Our vision is to see consistent positive changes and progression within health and social care services, and that those changes are directly led and influenced by those that need and use them.


Dirextions aims to ensure that all support provided makes a positive difference to all individuals that use our services. This is embedded as we lead by example using proactive approaches and innovative ways to support individuals to achieve their personal goals and achievements within the health and social care sector.

All too often changes that need to be made to progress and enhance an individual’s wellbeing are delayed for reasons beyond the individual’s control.

Dirextions aim to reduce this process and introduce changes in real time and will achieve this by continuing to ensure all that use its service have a voice, that they are listened to and their wishes are acted upon.  


Dirextions understand that staff relationships with the individuals they support are a key element to support being successful and that ensuring consistency and familiarity for individuals receiving support is imperative especially during times of crisis.

We aim to provide a confident, consistent and collaborative staff team that are skilled and knowledgeable in the areas of support required for everyone supported.

We are committed to the continuous development of our staff team to ensure additional knowledge and professional development are maintained and this directly reflects the ever-changing needs of the individuals supported.

All individuals supported will be allocated their own key worker who will work towards building a trusting relationship with them and ensure they support the individual to express their needs and wishes in all aspects of their support. 


Dirextions will aim to provide a solution driven service working alongside all that use our support services including external stakeholders, advocates, outside agencies and any other key people that individuals wish to be a part of their continuous support planning.

This is to ensure that the individual’s wishes are represented and reflected in all support plans, outcome/goal setting and monitoring to support in the maximum opportunity for the individual to gain new skills, enhance existing skills and to live as independently as possible. 

Every part of our service is regulated, inspected and rated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). In our most recent inspection, CQC rated our services as GOOD in all areas