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We provide support services for individuals who may have a learning disability, autism, additional complex needs and/or physical health needs.

From the commencement of support, we ensure that the individual is put at the centre of everything we do and that their needs and wishes are always listened to and acted upon. Dirextions will provide support to individuals to create a bespoke support plan that is regularly updated to reflect their changing needs and provide consistent monitoring to ensure outcomes and goals are being met. 


Dirextions is regulated by Care Quality Commission and we specialise in providing bespoke support services that are designed and planned around the individual(s) receiving the support.

Our team has extensive knowledge and experience in supporting individuals to achieve their desired outcomes and goals. We ensure that individuals are involved in the planning of their support along with their key stakeholders, advocate’s, family, friends and anybody they wish to be involved. We believe and have demonstrated that regular feedback and communication by all involved in an individual’s support ensures that a productive, streamlined and effective service can be delivered, and an individual’s desired outcomes can be achieved.

We have links with a number of fantastic housing providers and housing associations and we are able to support individuals to find accommodation, if needed and consider and support with environmental changes that may need to be made.


Dirextions can support individuals with everything associated with daily living, our focus is to enable individuals to gain the skills needed to live as independently as possible both now and in the future. We have outlined below just some of the ways in which we can provide support to individuals, if it is not on list, we will be able to help; just give our friendly team a call.

  • Managing medication, including ordering and collecting prescriptions. Supporting individuals to remember to take their medication independently with prompts and welfare checks or provide full support around administation of medication
  • Support with bathing, showering, using the toilet and changing continence aids
  • Managing finances, creating budget plans 
  • Paying bills
  • Support with completing applications forms 
  • Maintaining and keeping their home clean and tidy
  • Washing and ironing clothes 
  • Creating shopping lists and going shopping
  • Support to find and apply for accommodation
  • Support to attend meeting or appointments
  • Sourcing and accessing local community events and locations
  • Attending activities based on the individual's interests, such as swimming, cycling, rock climbing, bike riding, football, bowling and art clubs
  • Support to access voluntary opportunities or employment opportunities

Our support services can be delivered in a variety of ways and settings

Dirextions support individuals to live independently in their own home's in their chosen area and community. We can support from the very beginning in sourcing a new home and creating a robust transition plan to ensure that an individual has the time to process the proposed move; it will enable the individual to become familiar with their new environment and staffing team prior to moving home. Dirextions provides support that maximises the individual's independent living skills development. 

Dirextions support individuals who may still live at home with their family/friends or alone in their own home. Support requirements will be identified by working alongside the individual and other key stakeholders, if applicable. Support can start from as little as 1 hour per week.

Dirextions support individuals and their families to identify and plan short breaks/holidays in the UK and abroad with varying different support levels, as required.

People with behaviour that challenges may have a history of repeatedly self-harming, damaging their surroundings, or abusing others verbally or physically. These types of challenging behaviours sometimes act as a barrier to community/social inclusion and can become part of a vicious circle that contributes to keeping people unnecessarily in secure hospitals, or placements that are not equipped with promoting change.

Dirextions have extensive knowledge in this area and commit to standing by individuals through these difficult times. We understand that individuals need the familiarity of their trusted staff team to continue to work with them alongside other key people involved in their support to help and support them through these difficult times.

Our staff team specialise in understanding these types of behaviours and can work towards understanding the cause and develop structured changes that can help individuals to manage their environment, for example, their lifestyle choices, housing, staffing, support network etc. Dirextions also work directly with positive behavioural support experts to create individualised support plans to ensure personalised plans and strategies are created to best support individuals to acquire greater choice and control over their lives.

If you would like any further information on how our service could help, please contact us.